I was asked by Superbalist to put a wish list and share them with all my followers. I shop quite a bit on this site because they have great trainer and sandal selections. Plus they now stock one of my fav swimwear brands Beach Cult. When it comes to my wardrobe there are a few staple items that I always have and am always adding in. In this post I chat about my Superbalist wish list which is basically my top 5.

With Christmas literally around the corner its got me thinking what I am wishing for. Its definitely a show kind of time that everything I want is either a sandal or some cool trainers. Superbalist is that one stop shop that makes it so easy and I am lusting after some of their sandals. My husband has already been given an early request list with some of the addidas trainers.   However after doing a big over haul of my wadrobe I somehow feel I need some more sandals. With it being almost summer and lovely sunny days every day I need some new foot wear I think. So here is my Superbalist sandals lust list:

I have been working with a South African stylist on the finishing touches for my home as I never have the time to source pieces and well an interior designer always has a better eye. In my quest for pieces for my wall I came across some gorgeous prints at Superbalist that are ridiculously cheap at R99 each but look really amazing. Who knew that you could spruce up a wall for so little money. So if you haven’t checked out what’s on offer check out their amazing wall art.

I just got back from my oversease trip attending my crazy friend’s wedding but of course on route I managed to squeeze some shopping in. I have been a little obsessed with rose gold for some time now and it started with jewellery but now its shoes and make up brushes. If you haven’t spotted the new metallic Superga rose gold shoes then get a load of these bad boys. They just look amazing and I had to have them. Lucky for those of you based in SA you can get them at Superbalist. They are the perfect touch to adding some bling and pop to your outfit even if you going for really casual.