swiitch beauty


Swiitch Beauty have launched some new stuff and I got to play around with all the goodies. I have been busy testing on myself and on a recent shoot and I have to say I am pretty impressed. The new Swiitch squiish makeup sponge is definitely one of my favourites as it applied foundation, concealer and blush beautifully. What I love about Swiitch Beauty is that they make everything so affordable for all those makeup junkies out there.

If you don’t know about Swiitch Beauty then you definitely need to be checking them out. Its a South African beauty shop providing affordable quality makeup. The Swiitch Beauty Slays for Days Palette landed on my desk last week to play around with and give one away. Its definitely got similarities to the  Morphe Palettes 35OM and 35. However this palette combines matt and shimmer in one. Its a proudly South African palette with each shade named after a South African girl. Its crazy affordable retailing at R350 which actually goes to show how expensive overseas brands are.