velvet skin


If you follow the hair and make up trends on the catwalk and magazines you will notice that 60’s make up and hair is back but with a modern twist.

You don’t necessarily have to go with traditional 60’s make up and use a black liner. I am loving the use of colour and the more graphic take on 60’s make up. The looks vary from a softer look to very bold brows with strong lines. So whether you are feeling bold you can go for the look as seen on Cara Delevigne to an eyeliner and a hint of peach.
The common feature in all these looks is flawless velvet skin with a bit of highlight and a slight hint of contouring. Getting the skin right is key for this look. Try a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturiser and apply a sheer powder to create the velvet finish.  Some of the looks are more complicated but with practice you can easily achieve your own twist on modern 60’s looks. If you don’t have full brows but don’t want them too bold brush your brows upwards and fill in to create the shape with a pencil like Fling from Mac and then set with a clear gel. If you alraedy have bold brows then just brush through with a clear gel.
Invest in a gel liner for the bolder looks and remember you don’t always have to go for black. To really make the look bold apply false lashes or individual lashes. Invest in decent brushes so you can create the perfect crease line.  Either go for a really nude lip if its a more graphic look or you can opt for an orange lip and lots of indiviual lashes.
For hair we saw modern beehives and side partings with bow accessories.
Hope you enjoy the post. X

I did a trend beauty shoot last week for a local South African retailer. One of the looks was the big trend velvet skin. This look is all about a flawless skin with a matt finish. But the difference with this finish is that the powders being used are the latest technology in make up.

Here is how you can create this look:

  1.  Make sure you have done your daily beauty routine and moisturise before getting started.
  2. Gently buff in either a sheer liquid foundation or a BB cream if you have good skin. If your skin is pigmented or you have bad skin then opt for a foundation that will give you a medium/full coverage.
  3. Conceal in areas where needed so under the eyes, around the nose and any areas where there is redness.
  4. They key to this look is using a powder to set the look and give a luminous matt finish. Take a large powder brush and gently sweep the powder all over the face.
  5. To finish off this minimal look apply mascara, fill in your brows and set with a gel and apply a lip gloss or nude lipstick.

Here are some products to help you achieve the look: