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The Vichy Mineral 89 Daily Booster is literally like a glass of water to your skin. I actually first saw the serum being used by UK makeup artist Cher Webb and if it was good enough for her then I needed it too. I actually went and bought my own because as you know I love a glow. Vichy kindly sent me a new one with some other skin goodies. Its infused with one of my fav ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and the Vichy Spring Water which means glowing plumped skin.

As we get older our skin gets less hydrated and we basically need all the extra love. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. When its dehydrated thats when we see the fine lines and a dull complexion. Skin can get patchy and trust me when I say your foundation won’t look great. Its all about the dewy glow and to achieve this we need to be on point with our skincare routine.

The Vichy Mineral 89 Fortifying and Plumping Daily Booster (R425 for 50ml) is low in the ingredient count. Its only got 11 ingredients instead of the usual 20 so its pretty much a goodie for everyone. Its got the highest percentage (89%) of the Vichy Spring Water so it really is the hydration booster.

Hyaluronic Acid is a molecule that can hold 1000 times its weight in water, to fortify the skin’s natural moisture barrier. When your skin barrier is impaired, you can start to suffer from dryness, irritation, and redness, and blemishes become more likely. The Vichy booster also makes use of glycerin, which works to draw moisture into the skin. Basically I love this stuff.

Its perfect for those with redness, breakouts as it doesn’t clog pores, dehydrated skin or even normal skin as it will plump up your complexion. Its great because both men and women can use so hide your away if you don’t want to share.

I love to add this in the morning in my layered skincare routine. I literally can’t live without Hyaluronic Acid it really adds that glow. Also amazing after a skin peel as that can really dry out and tighten skin. Its a great pick me up if you need some extra hydration and get the glow we all love.

Available at Clicks and Dischem the Vichy Mineral 89 Daily Booster comes in 2 sizes a 50 and 75ml. Its definitely worth the investment for healthy plumped radiant skin.

Love Love Love

Shahnaz x

My Latest Moisturiser  – Vichy Aqua Thermal Dynamic Hydration

The one thing about blogging its introduced me to so many amazing products. Vichy is one of those brands that I have fallen in love with and it won’t break the bank either. I have recently added the Vichy Aqua Thermal Dynamic Hydration moisturiser into my beauty regime and am loving it.

Vichy has quite a few ranges the Aqua thermal Range is for dehydrated and sensitive skin, a lot of us struggle from dehydrated skin because of daily stresses and not drinking enough water and basically not looking after ourselves. Because I am in the sun at the moment my skin can get dry so skincare is absolutely vital and what I am loving about the cream is that its light but does the job.

The cream promises intense hydration for up to 48 hours leaving skin beautiful and healthy. Sensitive and dehydrated skin needs optimal hydraton to allow skin to naturally repair. If you don’t know about Vichy their key ingredients is the Vichy Thermal Spa Water its known as the skin’s beauty water packed with 15 beneficial minerals and antixoidants that will help transform the quality of your skin.

I have been using the Vichy Aqua Thermal Dynamic Hydration cream every morning as part of my beauty ritual and my skin feels very soft and glowing which is basically what I am always looking for in a cream, priced at R359 its very affordable.

Shahnaz x