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So many times I get asked what is best BB cream? Should I use a tinted moisturiser? What is a BB cream and a CC cream? What foundations should I use? What coverage is best?

Even though there is so much information online and in magazines I still find lots of women are still insure. But it also depends on how good your skin is, your skin type and what coverage you are looking for.

So here is the low down:

Tinted Moisturiser: This is a combination of a moistuiser and make up with a sheer coverage. This is a great product if you have great skin and no pigmentation and perfect if you are not a fan of wearing much make up but want to even out your skin tone. Its about the no make up make up look really.

BB Cream: A beauty blemish or beauty balm where skincare and make up are combined. There are a lot on the market from budget to expensive some with a more sheer coverage to a fuller coverage like the Avon BB Cream. This cream is a combination of a moisturiser so that skin is hydrated, a primer to keep foundation on longer, evens out skin tone the same as a tinted moisturiser, a sun protectant as quite a few of them have an SPF of up to 30, cover minor imperfections like redness and brighten up your skin. Some of the BB cream’s out there have anti-ageing properties as well and leave a beautiful glowing finish.

CC Cream: This is a step up from the BB cream where the focus is more on colour correcting and more foundation like qualities and with fuller covearge like the Bourjois CC cream I wear this just on its own. The CC creams focuses on evening out skin tone, dealing with redness like the Chanel CC cream, brightening skin and dealing with skin with pigmentation. However some BB creams and CC creams seem quite similar so you basically need to test them out and see what works for you.

Liquid Foundations: These come in dewy and matt formulations, from a sheer coverage to a medium coverage. There are so many on the market with some like a thin veil on the skin with that barely there look and some have illuminating qualities. Basically when you are looking for a foundation you want it to make your skin look natural, even out your skin tone and looking like you are glowing from within. If you struggle from oily skin then you most likely want to go for a matt foundation that leaves the skin feeling like velvet and beautiful or one that is targeted for oily skin that will usually say oil free.

Stick Foundations: These foundations normally have a fuller coverage and are amazing if you suffer from pigmentation or bad skin as this will definitely give better coverage and give a beautiful finish at the same time. I am a massive fan of the Bobbi Brown foundation as it covers beautifully and leaves skin looking beautiful.

Mousse Foundation: This is a lightweight texture with a sheer to medium coverage. Most mousses have ¬†matt finish and feel like you aren’t wearing much are better for combination to oily skin types and not for more mature skin.

Hope this helps and that you can decide for yourself which foundations you think you need.