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The Filorga Scrub and Mask Reoxygenating and exfoliating mask (R770)  landed on my desk a couple of weeks ago and this week I decided to give it a try and see if Filorga have done it again. An amazing skincare brand from Paris that so far has never failed me and this time I say they have done it again. Its a scrub and mask that starts out feeling like a face scrub but over time turns into a mask that you can feel working on your skin.

Its not like any other mask that I have tested out because it totally changes texture while its on your face. After application it looks and feels like a normal exfoliating mask but then my face started to tingle and the mask transforms into a foam that slowly disappears as its doing its thing. When I came to wash the mask off I could still feel the granuals but the majority of the actual mask wasn’t visible anymore. So what’s it all about?

Its basically a dual action mask that does what it says exfoliates but also is an anti ageing oxygenating mask that cleanses, tightens pores, smoothes skin and enhances radiance. The actual granuals are really gentle on the skin that has a formula that boosts exfoliation for a complete new skin effect. When the scrub settles the active mousse buubles which releases oxygen into the complexion allowing skin to breath. When all the bubbles disappear then you can wash off the mask.

As we get older our cellular energy production slows down, the renewal process slows, older cells accumulate and basically we are left with dull, wrinkly skin with a loss of firmness. With that in mind we need to be using the right products and up our beauty regime. You can’t get away with just a cleanse and moisturiser as you get older. When friends or model’s complain of dull dry skin I always say exfoliate and use masks as they are key to good skin. This mask has it both which means you can actually save a little more cash and not have to go out there and buy an exfoliator and mask this has it all. What I also love about the Filorga scrub and mask is that it has a pump so no more wasteage. Plus the mask is constantly sealed so the product will not loose any of its ingredients over time.

After use my skin definitley felt tighter and really smooth. Make sure you face is clean before applying so cleanse first and then apply your mask. Then apply your serum and moisturiser to finish off the whole process. And voila happy fresh radiant skin.

Shahnaz x


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