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Avon Mark Big and Extreme Mascara

After testing out Avon’s foundations I was super keen to try out their mascara. I love when I find a drugstore mascara that I can recommend to my followers without breaking the bank. I got to test out the Avon Mark Big and Extreme Mascara that promises longer and fuller lashes. Did it live up to the hype?

I love mascara its the one thing that I don’t leave home without on ever. I am looking for lots of volume that is totally going to open my eyes up because my lashes are non existent. Plus I am not a fan of smudging either some mascara’s smudge your lids when you apply this makes me a bit nuts as now I have to spend time cleaning up and reapplying.

The Avon Mark Big and Extreme Mascara that is the first Avon mascara that has an innovative elasto-stretch formula. The formula is supposed to extend your lashes and offers 2x more stretch than previous formula’s. With the new formula the mascara is supposed to stretch your lashes without clumping and flaking. Now what I found is that I needed to apply a few times to get some kind of volume. So its not going to happen on the first go.

The actual wand has short and long bristles so that you can get all the way into the inner corners. Its handle actually helps you have great control when applying so that’s a plus. For me the best trick is to get tight in there and the wiggle the wand through the lashes. Its really a super affordable mascara so at the price for what it does is pretty good. To get volume I need about 4 coats instead of just a couple. Which if you in a rush is not the best but you get there in the end. Its smudge free and doesn’t flake either.

Check out the Avon e-brochure and the mascara is currently on offer for just R54 which is way cheaper that its was previously retailed at. So definitely worth checking out if you looking for a really affordable mascara.There are also another 4 in the range depending on what you are looking for.

Shahnaz x