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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Its holiday time again with my family in France and this post is all about my beach bag essentials. This year I haven’t bothered with any makeup as I have been going totally makeup free in the day to let my skin breath. There are some new beach bag essentials this year that I just can’t live without.

My Instamax Mini 8 camera is my new favourite item that I got for my birthday, I love the fact that the pictures are instant and its a great way to make memories in an instant. Its perfect to take by the pool side and get great shots of my family.

I literally can’t put my kindle down since I got it, I love reading and this bad boy allows me to download a book whenever I want making my life a whole load easier. But the best thing about the kindle is that it has a matt screen so I can read in the sun and there is no glare.

Beach bagThere are two new suncream additions in the beach bag this year the Clarins Day Screen multi protection SPF 50 for the face because it protects as well its rich with antioxidants, helps with the appearance of redness and helps with anti ageing, the Barbor anti ageing sun care lotion also SPF 50. I have always been a bit crap with sun protection and only using max 20 but this year its all SPF 50 as its hotter than ever and I need some serious protection for as many hours as possible. Both give me the protection I need and I haven’t burnt yet so they are definitely doing their job.

My Ray Ban sunglasses are definitely my favourite ones of the moment, I love Ray Ban they are just perfect for me and I don’t leave home without them.

Shahnaz x