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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Most of us write about all the amazing new products that are coming out or what I favourite lipstick colour is but we never really discuss the key beauty essentials we can’t live without. Being a pro makeup artist means I need everything but the kitchen sink and there are some not so sexy items that I couldn’t do my job without.

Doing a cat eye or a smokey eye or anything pretty graphic means you gonna make some mistakes the cosmetic Q tip is so essential to help tidy up those dodgy lines and get you to perfection. I have a load of them and you will never find my kit without them.

Its taken me some time to find the perfect pencil sharpener and I have to say the Charlotte Tilbury sharpener is the best I have ever experienced. Do you ever find you have a larger eye pencil and you have no idea how you going to sharpen it? Well the Charlotte Tilbury is the bad boy of sharpeners in my kit. But if you just have a normal eye liner or lip pencil then a sharpener is that unsexy item that you can’t live without.

Wet wipes is one of those products I just seem to get through especially when there are lots of makeup changes on set plus its one of those products we all have at home and when feeling a little lazy I have been known to use to take my makeup off.

I have no idea how many nails I paint in week and that’s including my 5 year old daughter so nail polish remover is tres essential especially if you make a boo boo or what I usually experience is that the model turns up with a red nail and I have to get it off!!! I rather like one’s ┬áthat have a pump it just makes my life so much easier.

The nail file is just an absolute essential for the kit and in my personal stash. I found one that is shaped like a mini boomerang its amazing for getting right in there and shapes those nails perfectly. If I can’t find my file I normally have a mini panic attack.

Carmex is one of those items I don’t go to work without its always in my kit plus I have extra lying around at home. Its the best lip balm in my experience and hydrates those lips in an instant.

Cotton wool pads are probably the second most used item in my kit apart from wipes I literally can’t live without them as they essential for my calming cleanser to get those models faces all fresh, to remove polish and remove eye makeup as I am not a fan of using wipes to take off makeup from the eyes it just irritates the skin.

I could probably list a whole load more things like eye drops and tweezers and more. Beauty isn’t always about the latest Chanel palette they are the luxury items, its the products that make my life easier as a makeup artist I can’t be without.

Do you have a beauty essential that you just can’t live without?

Shahnaz x