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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I test out so many brands and products all the time whether its on myself or on models when I am on a shoot. Some I love but still move on to try other products but some I have to go out and buy for myself for my personal stash. There were to makeup products that I have loved for myself and needed to repurchase on my trip overseas the Chanel Les Beiges Foundation and the Benefit Boo-ing Concealer.

Earlier this year Chanel brought out the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation much to everyone’s happiness. The Les Beiges line has been around for a while giving us gorgeous bronzers that give that sun kissed glow and the foundation just brings it all together. Its definitely my top favourite foundations for myself but I have yet to use on set and am pondering whether I should invest in  a few for my magazine shoots. When photo’s have been taken of me with the foundation on my skin looks really healthy and evened out but my skin still looks like skin. When I choose a foundation it has to be natural looking and leave my skin looking healthy and dewy without any shine. This bad boy ticks all the boxes and will purchase again and again.

The Benefit Boo-ing concealer has been a firm favourite of mine for quite some time. I have been faithfully using mine until I was literally scractching at the sides to get the last of it out so I took a trip to Boots in London and got me a new one. I use number 3 even though its still a bit light now I have a tan but I just add some Chanel Les Beiges bronzer under the eyes to match it to my face because yes I have panda eyes from wearing glasses in the sun. Its creamy and blends in beautifully when applied with fingers and I promise it lasts ages.

What’s your favourite repurchase product?

Shahnaz x