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Bioderma Sebium Night Peel

Radiant healthy skin is really so important to me. I strive to use products that will help me with my skin concerns but will also leave my skin looking and feeling great. Apart from the fight against ageing (which terrifies me) is pigmentation. I was pretty rubbish at taking care of my skin in my 30’s and I have been paying for it in my 40’s. This year has been a big focus on pigmentation, reducing my dark spots and lightening them. Don’t expect an at home peel to get rid of your spots and pigmentation all by itself. However its a great addition to helping with your skin. Chemical peels are really the only way to help really make a difference. This home peel is a great way to start getting your skin used to acids.

The Bioderma Sebum Night Peel (R300) is part of their Sebum range. It gently exfoliates the skin while the skin is repairing itself during the night. Bioderma advise to use this product for a month at a time as it contains 15% Glycolic Acid.Its definitely a treatment product that you can use 3/4 times a year(in between your chemical peels). The acid helps exfoliates dead skin cells whilst increasing cellular turnover. Glycolic acid is an exfoliant. It helps shed dead skin cells and reveal the newer, brighter layers underneath by acting on the outermost layer of skin.

The Pathenol (form of vitamin B5) balances the formula by soothing, repairing, and maintaining skin barrier function. The Bioderma’s FLUIDACTIV patent biologically normalises sebum quality and prevents pore obstruction.

Its basically an at home face peel thats super gentle on the skin. It’s great if you struggle with dull skin and in need of some radiance. Now I don’t struggle with really bad break outs or acne prone skin so I can’t comment on that. Pigmentation is a tough one to deal with so its takes time and effort to really see results. Don’t expect miracles from just one product but think of this product as part of a bigger skincare routine. What I can say is each morning when I wake up my skin feels great and is definitely more radiant.

Recommended by Bioderma:

Apply Bioderma Sébium Night Peel in the evening only to non-irritated clean and dry skin for four weeks. Rinse face in the morning after. It can be used as a dermatological pre-peel before an aesthetic procedure, to prepare the skin. Do NOT apply to skin that is irritated.

Bioderma is a brand I love and recommend to so many people. Its definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. Taking care of your skin can be a full time job but its worth it and worth the time and investment.

Available at Clicks, Dermastore and Dischem.

Shahnaz x