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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Whether its winter, summer or spring body oils really are a must. During summer we suffer from dry skin from being in the sun and our skin needs some love and moisture back in the skin and during winter our skin also gets dry because we bath so much. So I wanted to share the Body Shop Body Oils:

I really like the Body Shop Body Oils because not only do they smell great they leave your skin feeling AMAZING. I got my hands on 3 of them the Spa Wisdom, Shea Beautifying Oil and the Honey Bronze Oil.

Spa Wisdom Monoi Miracle Oil R160: Smells so amazing and makes you feel like you are in a spa when you smell it. Its a softening oil for your skin and your hair but I have been using it on my body. As its summer here my skin gets dry quite quickly so you can either apply straight onto the skin leaving your skin feeling really soft and hydrated or add some into a bath but just add 2/3 drops. I have been applying straight onto my skin beacuse currently I need the extra hydration. I am always very wary of applying oil to my hair unless its specifically just for hair so I used it 2 hours before washing my hair which left it feeling really soft.

Body Shop Body oils

Shea Butter Beautifying Oil R120: This oil is made with a lightweight blend of nut oils including Marula Oil that gives instant hydration to the skin with a beautiful shimmery finish. Again this oil can be used on the body, hair and also the face but if you are going to use on your face rather take 1/2 drops and apply to your skin at night rather than in the day you will wake up with beautiful soft skin (if you suffer from breakouts or oily then this won’t be for you). I like to apply this oil on my legs especially as I find that is always the driest part of my body and on my arms to give a beautiful skin to the skin. Again for the hair either apply a couple of drops before bedtime or at least 2 hours before you wash out.

Body Shop Shea

Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil R220: This is my favourite of the Body Shop Body oils because it gives a hint of a bronze shimmer to the skin and gives a healthy glow so perfect during summer to enhance your tan, great in spring when the weather is warmer and you want to show off some skin and also great in winter to shimmer up your skin. It gives a honey bronzed glow and has a non greasy finish and basically enhances your tan. If you have really pale skin it most likely won’t give you the colour you looking for so better to go with a body self tanner but for someone like me who has a more olive skin tone it really enhances my colour and of course I love a bit of shimmer. Its all about making your skin feel a little bit healthier. My complaint is that it would be better if it had a pump as you have to be very careful how much you pour out the bottle so be careful not to pour out too much.

Body Shop Honey Bronze

Three really nice Body Shop Body Oils and if you are in to oils then try one of these out. I am a big fan of the skin looking glowing and hydrated so they all work for me.

Shahnaz x