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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

The Body Shop invited me to come check out their latest Fresh Nude Foundation (R275) few weeks ago to see what I thought and test it out. As well as a whole new range of foundations Body Shop have introduced shade adjusting drops in light and dark so when winter comes a long you can lighten your foundation and when its summer you can darken it too. The drops can also be used with other foundations so you can mix up colours to match your skin or if you are a makeup artist like me I can lighten or darken with a few drops.

Body shop foundation

I took the shade in Sicily at the time because I had a tan but now since the cold weather has hit in Cape Town my complexion is a lot lighter so I mixed the lightening drops with the foundation to match up my skin tone and I have to say I am pretty impressed. The foundation has a semi matt texture that still has a dewy look but its not super shiney and my skin feels so soft is amazing. On application it feels a little sticky but then disppears immediately and skin looks like skin and I feel like my face can still breath.

There are 16 shades in the collection from super nude to a darker shade, sadly for the really dark complexions there isn’t a shade but there is still a pretty good range. There is an SPF of 15 so your skin has some protection against harsh rays, it definitely ticks the box for hydration giving the fresh faced look that I am a big fan of.

The shade adjusting drops (R300) are a great way to adjust your foundation without having to go out and buy a new one. The lightening drops have a concentration of white and pink so if a foundation is too orange or dark it helps neutralise the yellowness as well as neutralising at the same time. One drop makes the foundation half a shade lighter so if its still a little too dark you can add two drops. The darkening drops can be used if the foundation makes skin too ashy or if its too light. The drops have a concentration of red and black pigments that help darken the foundation to match your skin tone.

If you haven’t checked the Body Shop Fresh Nude foundations they are already in store. Perfect if you love the fresh faced look.

Shahnaz x