Looking for some extra love for your hair then you need to check out the Body Shop Hair Masks and Scrubs. I have actually been featuring Body Shop quite a bit recently definitely impressed with what they are offering in terms of skincare and now haircare. My fav here is the Banana hair mask because its super hydrating and my hair needs a lot of love. I train a lot so I am forever washing my hair and then styling it and hair masks just add that extra hydration.

The Body Shop Banana Hair Mask (R160) is perfect for normal to dry hair. I recently had lots of blonde put into my hair so it gets really dry. This mask has really helped give the extra nourishment needed on top of my hair routine. Infused with organic banana puree from Ecador and Brazil nut oil from Peru. The mask smells heavenly and will definitely remind you of being on holiday. Its a creamy texture that helps frizzy hair like mine get totally nourished leaving it shiney and super soft. If you are like me and suffer from dehydrated  hair then this definitely needs to be a once a week ritual.

The Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly Purifying Cleansing hair scrub (a real mouthful) is one of Body Shop’s products that offers a totally new approach to haircare. Its like a body scrub for your hair that smells super fresh and a little minty. Its a scrub shampoo that blends Japanese Green Tea, Mint Menthol, Salt Crystals and Community Trade Honey from Ethiopia. Massage the scrub into your scalp that will help stiumulate blood flow and take away all the impurities from the day. Leaving your hair feeling fresh, invigorated with a gorgeous healthy shine. Great for normal to oily hair and its 100% vegetarian.

Love them both definitely worth checking out.

Shahnaz x

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  1. Ooooh i am loving the sound of the Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly Purifying Cleansing hair scrub. Definitely something i need to try out.

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