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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Since returning back from holiday and eating way too many carbs I have totally changed what I put into my body and get seriously healthy and back on track. I have never been one for making healthy meals my self and with the daily dietician plan I am on its inspired me to start doing things for myself. This week I decided to investigate some healthy breakfast options under 250 calories that I can of make myself and still feel like I am satisfied.

I came across this great receipe for a breakfast raspberry smoothie that yes I actually made myself which believe me is a miracle in itself. It actually tastes really good and filled me up which at the end of the day is the whole point. So here is the easy recipe that literally takes minutes to make and you can take with you on your way out the door as well as being great for your health as well:

Raspberry Smoothie ingredients:

200ml cranberry juice

175g defrosted frozen raspberries

100ml milk (I used skimmed)

200ml natural yogurt (low fat or fat free)

1 tsp of brown sugar for taste (you can add a tsb but I wanted to keep sugar low)

Add in the juicer and that’s it.

I feel full plus its really tasty and will help me through till mid morning till I have my snack. I am hoping to try some new things out each week that are great or your health and complexion as we need to great ready for Cape Town summer.

Shahnaz x