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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Literally every new eyeshadow palette seems to be focusing on the brick red eyeshadow trend and variations of it. It seems to be the new way to go with makeup and its bold and its gorgeous. Whether its a bright red, a brick red, a rusty red its all gorgeous. Last year we saw quite a few palettes with these shades and this year with Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette is seems the trend is here to stay.

Last year we saw the Urban Decay Heat Palette which is still such a hot palette for all skin tones. NYX has the Warm Neutrals Palette which is a more toned down version going for more of the bricks. The Anastasia Modern Rennisance which isn’t new but a super popular palette which pretty much started the trend of bold reds and bricks.

I find myself constantly reaching for these gorgeous shades not only on myself but on the models I am shooting. If you have a dark complexion these rusty shimmer reds work a treat and really make everything pop. Its so easy to create this pretty makeup look you just need a wash of colour and voila there you have it. You can keep it matt or add a pop of shimmer to take it to a night look. Even a red lip would work with this trend its actually very versatile. Whether you are fair skin tone, medium or dark you can work the red, brick or rusty shades with lots of mascara.

The latest palette to launch next week is the new Urban Decay Born To Run Palette which again has variations with red, brick with a shimmer rusty shade thrown in. Get bold and try this gorgeous trend its a great way to mix things up, give you a fresh looking complexion and make the colours of your eyes pop.

Check out they have loads of amazing brands from overseas with pretty much all palettes I mentioned and so much more.

Shahnaz x