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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I am rarely a fan of a primer unless its hydrating on the skin unless the person has an oily complexion because the skin ¬†just feels to dry and doesn’t get its glow on. When it comes to my complexion hydrating is all I go for because I need all the hydration I can get. Gosh are launching a Spring collection including the Gosh Primer plus blur protect hydration primer¬†(R210) which I am excited about as it doesn’t break the bank, skin feels great but will also ensure your foundation lasts longer on those hot days.

This primer has a slightly creamy texture that gives a beautiful glow to the skin on application plus if feels really fresh when you put it on almost like cooling the skin. The primer contains snow algae an active and anti ageing ingredient so its good for your skin as well as longer lasting makeup. When I applied my base it glides on beautifully still leaving that glow I love so much. So massive thumbs up from me.

Does it blur? Well I don’t have big pores so I can’t say but my skin does look fresh and pretty flawless once I apply my base and concealer so am very happy with the result.

Shahnaz x