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The Chanel Summer 2014 Reflets D’Ete Makeup Collection

Everytime I receive a Chanel package my heart beats a little faster with the anticipation of what lovliness I am going to be getting my eyes on. When the Chanel summer 2014 makeup collection arrived at my door it made my day seem a whole lot brighter. Sorry but can’t help it as I just love Chanel.

The Chanel Summer 2014 Makeup collection is all about colour and passion, with tones of pink, orange, and sunbeams of gold and bronze, and with the thought of an endless summer in mind. The glosses with pops of colour make the lips shimmer, with bronze and copper on the eyelids and the nails represent the playful spirit of summer.

I already posted about the new editions to Les Beiges family a few weeks ago which also represent part of the Summer collection, if you missed it click here to have a read. Chanel’s new summer collection consists of new Illusion D’Ombres colours, eyeliners, lip glosses and nail polishes.

I got my hands on a lip gloss, liner,  a beautiful bronze shade for the eyes and a hot pink nail polish. As per usual I love them all:

The lip gloss has a hint of pink and can be worn as part of your day look, the nail polish is perfect to brighten up your hands and is a perfect shade for summer I will definitely be wearing this when I am in Europe in July. I love the Illusion D’ombres shades and this bronze shade is absolutely perfect any time of year.

There are 5 lip glosses in the new collection Hello is a subtle pink, Glaze a milky lilac, Sexy a real fuchsia, Happy a vibrant coral and Sunny a luminous orange tone and retail at R380. My pink shade personally does have enough colour for me I would of liked it if it had more pink in it but your lips definitely look glossy.

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There are 3 Illusion D’Ombres in this collection Mirage, Utopia (limited edition) and New Moon retailing at R435. I haven’t had a chance to test out the waterproof mascara’s but they are fun colours that will really brighten up your look retailing at R330 and perfect to wear to the beach to give that extra edge to your look. The 2 waterproof liners in the range retail at R330, I am loving my bronze liner it glides on beautifully and is perfect to use either in the inner corner of the eyes or as a liner to make your eyes pop.

There are 5 beautiful nail polishes in the summer collection retailing at R320, the first 3 are limited edition so if you love the shades that you need to get your hands on them when the collection launches on the 6th June.

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Will be testing out new products in a video tutorial soon so watch this space.

Shahnaz x