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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I am totally all about the eye creams every single day. I have definitely noticed over the last couple years and since hitting 40 (almost 41) that my under eye area needs all the love it can get. When I get tired it get serious fine lines and totally dehydrated under my eyes. The new Clarins Instant Eye Reviver (R475) is literally my new best friend. I applied this morning under my sorry eyes and it was literally a transformation before my eyes. Love it.

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Firstly the metal applicator totally helps soothe the skin this is always a winner for me when I use this kind of applicator. I am seriously tired at the moment and have been on and off sick for the last few weeks so my under eye area needs help. It helps that the applicator can massage the puffiness away and the metal is seriously cold on the skin which almost shocks my puffy eyes away.  The cryo metallic applicator helps enhances drainage which makes my eyes feel hydrated and the lines literally disappear while applying. YES!!!!!

The Clarins Instant Eye Reviver two key ingredients that helps reduce fine lines and literally revive the under eye area at the same time. The Teasel helps reduce the fine lines caused by a stressful lifestyle and the Escin from horse chesnut and caffine help diminish puffiness and dark circles from lack of sleep. Plus as you apply you can see the illuminating pigments that look like baby pink pearls that totally bightens up the whole area.

Coming to SA soon this is definitely one eye cream you need to seriously consider.

Shahnaz x