I have been busy testing the new Clicks Expert Skincare Range on myself and my kids. I don’t often include my kids as I focus on beauty for myself but its been fun they have loved being part of it. I have been sharing bits and pieces on insta stories and over the weekend my kids will be sharing what they thought. The range focuses on face, body and kids body products for sensitive skin that really works for the whole family. My daughter has struggled with eczema just like me so the bath products have been great for her. Everything in the rangefragrance free plus sulphate and paraben free so if you have really sensitive skin this may be one to try out.

When struggling with sensitive skin the key thing to look for is fragrance free or fast absorbing, that don’t strip the skin  of its natural oils. Thats what the Clicks Expert Range is all about. The range features moisturising face and body creams, lotions and washes that are all gentle on the skin.

So here is what I thought about the Clicks Expert Skin Care Range:

So I am going to start with the Junior range as my kids really did love the products I got sent to test out. They were excited to be part of mum’s work as well. I got the whole Junior range which consists of the Foaming Bath Milk (R99.99), Moisturising Bath Oil (R49.99) and the Body Cream (R99.99). My daughter loved the foaming milk and my son the bath oil and the moisturiser they both loved. My daughter has a dry patch on her stomach which we have been treating products. After her bath and applying the cream her skin in that area felt really soft.

The foaming bath milk is for sensitive skin so perfect for my daughter even I could use it as well. It looks like milk and left Tatiana’s skin feeling so soft. The Body Cream I am a massive fan of as it really does the trick. I would recommend this one as a body moistiriser for your kids and even on adults. Its really hydrating and skin feels amazing after application.

The Moisturing Bath Oil is infused with Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E and Lavender Oil. My 7 year old son literally wouldn’t get out of the bath and told me its really nice. He kept aksing for me to put more in. His skin felt really soft and then combind with the body moisturiser his skin felt super soft.

Would definitey recommend the range and its so affordable. Definitely worth checking out if you have kids whether their skin is sensitive or not.

I got to test out 3 skincare products one for body, face and lips. The Moisturising Body Lotion for sensitive skin (R59.99) for me the tube is too small to really work the full body over a period of time. It is hydrating but it wouldn’t last long I definitey feel Clicks culd introduce a bigger bottle. I am a big fan of body moisturisers as I struggle with dry skin all year round.

As you can see the cream has a thick consistency so just apply a little at a time but in my house that tube won’t last 5 minutes. The Junior one is a much better size. However, it does hydrate so I would suggest use this one in specific areas that get really dry. My issue is my shins so I focused there with this cream and it did the trick.

The Hydrating Lip Balm (R49.99) for dry skin really is very hydrating. Whether it competes with my other balms only time will tell but it really instantly soothes on application. The balm has a combo of Jojoba, Coconut and Avacado Oils with Shea Butters, Natural Waxes and Marine Extracts. This definitely  helps with dry chapped lips.

The Moisturising Face Cream (R149.50) for combination skin is a goodie for winter and one that I would add on to my extensive skincare routine. You couldn’t rely on this alone you need to have all the steps in your routine which I know a lot of women don’t do. I would add this at the end of my routine to just add in extra hydration.

Its non greasy and also fragrance free and does give instant softness to the skin.  My skin feels super soft after I apply due to natural oils and Vitamin E. If you are struggling with some dry patches then you can add this on to help sooth your skin.

There are a few more bits to the Clicks Expert Skin Range for the face and body but I pretty much got to test out quite a bit. I would recommend to those who are so super sensitive and need something that will help nourish the skin. For those Cetaphil lovers out there this range is definitely one to check out. Available in Clicks stores now nationwide.

As part of the new launch one lucky person can win all the products I got to test out. So here is how to enter:

  1. Please Follow Clicks and Shahnaz Loves Beauty on Instagram.
  2. Tell me why you want to win.
  3. SA Residents only.

Competition Closes on Tuesday  23rd July at 6pm and the winner will be announced Monday.

Good Luck.

Shahnaz x


  1. As someone who has suffered from eczema most of their life, keeping my skin moisturized has always been a constant struggle. My T-zone, chest, neck and the back of my legs require constant attention, which unfortunately means I go through moisturizers at a rate that my wallet doesn’t really appreciate. Really holding thumbs on this one.

  2. I have very sensitive skin that becomes really dry especially in the winter season So I would love to try out the Clicks Expert Skincare range to see what It can do for my skin.

  3. Camillah Adams Reply

    I am literally obsessed with Clicks and their products so def keen to give the Clicks Expert Skincare range a try and to share with my family.

  4. Melissa Oates Reply

    I would love to win this to see if this will help with my eczema, which is particularly bad during winter.

  5. Oh I really need this, winter has taken toll on my skin.
    I generally suffer from dry skin but when it’s winter – I dare say my skin just died on me.
    I have tried plenty hydration range products from different brands and am eager to try this new clicks one in hope for change.
    I’m also loving how price right the products are and I’m really a sucker for new things. Hahaha

    My lips need that lipbalm badly. Let’s start there…. The have flat lined and I can’t even pretty the flaky bits with lipstick.

  6. Oh winter has taken a toll on my skin, I generally have dry skin but winter time I dare say my skin dies.

    I have tried a lot of hydration products from different brands and am eager to try this clicks one and love that it’s price right and affordable.

    Please let me start with the lipbalm, cos my flaky lips have flat lined and I can’t even pretty them with lipstick.


  7. Carolyn Augustus Reply

    I’d love to win cause it’s a constant battle dealing with sensitive eczema prone skin. My worst problem at the moment is dealing with my 5 year old daughter’s vaginal eczema as bath products are very tricky. Perhaps this is the answer to my prayers

  8. Anusha Naidoo Reply

    It will be a absolute delight to win as these products are perfect for my super sensitive skin. Your review of these products have been enlightening and informative and its definitely a must have for me. Thank you for the opportunity to win. And for the review.

  9. Dealing with really sensitive skin all my life is nothing new. I always have to be particularly careful about what product that I use on my skin as anything to foreign, or with strong fragrance tends to get my skin to overactive instantly! It would be great to try out a new product that keeps the moisture in my skin and shys away from all the chemicals we dont want on our skin!

  10. Prelene Neerputh Reply

    Living in a windy city like Cape Town has really played havoc with my skins elasticity. My skin has since become more dry and scratchy which is why I believe this skin care range would prove most beneficial to me. The climate has caused my skin to become more prone to breakouts and I would love the opportunity to try a new skin care range that adds essential oils to my daily beauty regime that is both gentle and effective. Winning this would see my beauty routine advance ten fold.

  11. I would really love to win as I have never won anything before and my kids hve really sensitive skin I’m yet to find a product that keeps their skin moisturized n soft through out the day and during winter my son gets patches on his skin aswell as my daughter on her face….I would really love to try this out aswell as myself I hve a problem with dry skin during winter aswell…..

  12. I would love to win this and try out these products. I have very dry skin during winter and my little one has sensitive skin so this sounds ideal for us to try.

  13. Would love to win these stunning products for myself and my little family. My skin is SO dry and sensitive and my toddlers skin too. This will really help us especially now that it is so cold and even worse for our skin! Thank you so much, love your Instagram page!

  14. Winter on the Highveld wrecks havoc with my sensitive skin. I would to give these products a try!

  15. Monique Louw Reply

    This range looks amazing and I’ve been eyeing it since it launched so I’m pleased that it works so well for you and your kids. Both my daughter and I suffer from sensitive skin and I have dry skin as well. My daughter has those dry patches behind her legs as well and scratching is a nightmare. She really loves bubble bath (it’s hard finding a brand she can use) so I’m super keen on trying the foaming bath milk as I know it will soothe her skin and make bath time fun at the same time. Keen on the face cream and bath oil too. 🙂

  16. Nikiwe Dlamini Reply

    I would love to win because I have really problematic skin.It’s acne prone, yet sensitive so most products I try tend to make it really dry and so I’d love to try these products.

  17. I have really sensitive skin due to a skin condition and it becomes extremely dry especially in the winter season. I wpuld love to try the Clicks Expert Skincare range to see how it works for my skin.

    • Nomava Brenda Jose Reply

      I’d love to try this product because my skin gets too dry in Winter and oily in Summer.

    • I would like to win this amazing give away simply because I am a mom of 2 boys age 1 and 2 and with my every day busy routine i would still make the time to look after my body and skin. I would really love to win this oil because I am dehydrated skin its always dry and the lotion doesn’t give me that glow i need. I always wanted this oil 😘

  18. My boys and I suffer from bad eczema and winter is especially difficult for us with the harsh cold. This would be highly welcome and appreciated

  19. Nomava Brenda Jose Reply

    I’d love to try this product because my skin gets too dry in Winter.

  20. I have really sensitive skin so I’m always keen to try out new products to see if they are better. My daughter is also starting to go into her teen years so good face products for her is always welcome

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