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Filorga Flash Nude Fluid

Finally one of my favourite skincare brands has launched their first foundation. Introducing the Filorga Flash Fluid Foundation or known as the Pro Perfection tinted fluid. This foundation promises that flawless bare skin effect which as you can see gives just that. I have been waiting to test the fluid on a model as its way too light for me. Model and instagram queen Jessica Yang was the pertect candidate to test the makeup on. Sadly the Filorga Flash Fluid doesn’t come in darker shades so for now its for the fairer skin gals.

If you haven’t tried the brands skincare out you are totally missing out as its amazing. Filorga have taken all their skincare expertise and launched their foundation that of course has the skincare benefits and makes skin look amazing.  As you can see the fluid creates a flawless bare look effect you can see that Jess’s skin is evened out but it doesn’t look like she is wearing makeup. The fluid has a whole load of anti-ageing benefits that will improve the skin over time.

The Filorga Flash Nude Fluid (R520) has adjustable cover technology with skin fusion micro pigments. The fluid enhances the complexion either with a sheer or fuller coverage. Apply with fingers a more sheer coverage or with a foundation brush and get a fuller coverage like you see with Jessica. The fluid fuses with skin giving a gorgeous evened out dewy complexion without the redness.

So what are the long term benefits?

  • Filorga’s patented formula has 50 active ingredients to nourish the dermis and stimulate growth which will improve skin quality and radiance.
  • A botanical ingredient called Hexylresorcinol is known for its antioxidant and brightening properties helps redice spots in up to 8 weeks.
  • An SPF 30 filter that helps protect the skin against harsh UVA and UVB rays. While the Niacinaminde protects against pollution increasing the lifespan of exposed cells strenthening the skin barrier.

The fluid is only availably in 2 shades Nude beige and Nude Gold here I used the Nude Beige. I am hoping they bring in more shades so I can use on myself as its really a gorgeous product. For me I love if my foundation has skincare benefits. Launching this month its definitely one to check out if you are on the fairer side. Plus there will also be the Flash Nude Pro Perfecting Translucent Power which I am keen to put to the test.

The Filorga Flash Nude Fluid also shoots amazingly on camera it was out to the test for my Superbalist shoot. Pics will hopefully be out next week so will be posting on my social media accounts so you can see it for yourself.

Shahnaz x