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Elizabeth Arden 8HR Cream Collection

For those of you who know the brand Elizabeth Arden have had the 8HR Cream around for a long time. The 8HR cream is a cult product and has a variety of uses including hair and cuticles. The Elizabeth Arden HR Cream Collection has increased over time with now a massive range. I was lucky enough thanks to the lovely Lauren at Elizabeth Arden I got quite a few bits from the range. The range itself is all about hydrating skincare that protects your skin and thats exactly what I love for myself.

The 8HR legendary all in one lip balm (R299) isn’t for everyone as it has a very distinctive smell which can be quite strong. But for me the benefits definitely out weigh the smell. Its super versatile and as I previously mentioned its a cult product used by makeup artists worldwide. There are actually 8 key ways to use the protectant:

1. Of course for your lips all you need is a pea size and this bad boy will keep lips hydrated all day long. I also love to use as a natural gloss for the cheek bones or sometimes add on the eyelids if I am on a beauty shoot.
2.The Balm is amazing for dry tired feet you can massage into the heel, pads and soles to really moisturise.
3.To catch the light and as well as lips lips, cheeks and eyes, you can also add a gloss to our collar bone, shoulders and even your legs.
4.Deep condition hands and then wrap hands in a warm towel for 10 minutes.
5.The ingredients petrolatum and natural lanolin help smooth hair strands and add moisture to dry ends. Do this step after washing hair.
6.Perfect to protect the face from windburn especially when outdoors.
7.You can apply a small amount massage into hands and then gently pat onto skin to add moisture this step you may want to do at night and sleep with the 8HR cream on.
8.You can even groom and define brows. Apply to a brow brush and comb through.
Next up the Elizabeth Arden All Over Miracle Oil (R399) another goodie which has been in the range for quite some time. I have posted about the oil quite some time ago but its always great to refresh my readers minds on what a gorgeous product it is.
The oil contains a high concentration of Omega 6 and 9 so the oil is not only giving an amazing glow its nourishing and protecting the skin at the same time as well as booting the natural collagen to smooth out skin. The oil is infused with some amazing ingredients like Grape Seed oil, Ginger root extract, Boswellia Resin to help with sensitive skinand firmness, Vitamin E and lastly Olive, avocado and sunflower seeds oils and rosemary extract that gives antioxidant protection.
Its 8 key ways to use it:
  1. All-Over moisture
  2. Reduces dry, rough skin
  3. Adds shine to dry, dull hair
  4. Post-shave moisturizer
  5. Massage away stress
  6. Scent promotes a sense of well-being
  7. Cuticle softener
  8. Instant shine

Next up the amazing 8HR Miracle Hydrating Mist (R360) is currently one of my go to face mists in my pro makeup kit. Its my first step in prepping the models skin and just adds moisture so that when it comes to applying foundation skin looks and feel great. This one actually launched in 2017 and I loved it then but for some reason I am really appreciating it more now. As well as moisturisiung it also helps sooth the skin so when a model has just flown in and her skin is feeling not so great this is a goodie.

So what’s in the mist?

  • Superfruit Blend – Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, noni, pomegranate and coffee extract seeds create the antioxidant to protect and give healthy looking skin.
  • Aloe juice to soothe.
  • Apple Leaf Extract: soothe and comforts irritated red blotchy skin.
  • Glycerin: draws moisture to the skin.
  • Sodium PCA: attracts and binds moisture.
  • Skin Identical carbohydrate complex: improves skin overall softness and smoothness.

The mists key benefits:

1.Spritz to awaken the skin first thing in the morning.

2.Mist onto clean skin to give your skin a healthy glow and prep skin for makeup application.

3.A great pick me up throught the day to rehydrate skin and give that gorgeous glow back to dull looking skin.

4.Spritz to just energise you after a long day.

5.If your makeup needs a pick me up and you need that dewiness back apply the mist with a sponge.

6.Perfect for flying when your skin is sucked of all the moisture.

7.Refresh and cool skin after a workout.

8.Spritz staright after makeup application day or night to give that extra glow to your complexion.

The Eight Hour Lip Cream Protectant (R215) is perfect to sooth, soften and moisture lips. Unlike the balm this one doesn’t have a strong scent. Its got antioxidant protectant which is key against the harmful rays of the sun plus its got an SPF 15 so its also protects againt the UV rays. The brand also offer some tinted shades if you are looking for some protection and a pop of colour.

Last up in my 8HR goodies is the Cream Defense for Face SPF 50 High Protection (R330). Its protects against UVA and UVB but I don’t think against the infrared lights which is actually extremly harmful. When it comes to sunscreen we now need to start looking at the infrared light and antioxidant protection. Because without these our skin isn’t really being protected. The cream itself is super light and doesn’t leave an oily finish to the skin. But as far as I can see its not infused with antioxidants either.

For the full range click here to see whats on offer the products I have chatted about are definitely amongst my favourites.

Shahnaz x