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Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser

I literally have been posting new products every week from Elizabeth Arden because they are seriously on a roll with their skincare. This week I am chatting about the gorgeous Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser Whip to Clay. My favourite part of my morning and evening is cleansing especially with this bad boy. Its an absolute winner leaving my skin feeling ridiculously amazing. 

The probiotic cleanser (R430) has been added to their Superstart range formulated to harness ther power of probiotics to cleanse and fortify the skin. Sometimes a cleanser can make my skin feel like it needs some extra hydration but not with this one. Its a whipped mousse cleanser that turns to clay when massaged all over the face. The Superstart Cleanser turns into a soft lather when in contact with water.


  • Removes dirt, impurities and makeup without stripping or drying.
  • Supports the skin hydration.
  • Leaves skin feeling super soft and ready for the rest of your skincare routine.
  • Probiotic Complex supports skin’s natural defences by adding good bacteria to the skin.
  • Glycerin to help retain moisture.

The best way to use massage it in and leave for a minute so it turns to clay and then wash off with water. The cleaner has a pink and grey clay from the French Volcanic Earth. This double combo is what maintains the balance of the skin. The green clay unclogs pores and the pink boosts radiance and nourishes the skin.

Good Bacteria is so important for our skin and with some cleansers the bacteria can be stripped from the skin. I love using it in the morning as my skin just feels amazing for the rest of ther day. Its the first thing I reach for when I step into the shower. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

If you haven’t checked out the Superstart range then you are definitely missing out. I have so far tried the the Skin Renewal Booster and I love it waiting to try the masque that has had rave reviews.

Shahnaz x