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embellished denim jacket and velvet trend

I literally searched all of London last year for a cool denim jacket it was like finding a neddle in a hay stack. This year embelished denim jackets are in and they are really affordable. I try each week and post something on fashion because even though I love all things beauty I also am so in love with fashion. Being 42 means trends are repeating themselves and yes 20 years on velvet is back in a big way. So I thought lets write about the embellished denim jacket and velvet trend in one post. Purely because I have purchased both the coolest denim jacket and gorgeous velvet trousers.

My new H&M denim jacket right now is my everything plus it only cost R800 which for me coming from London is what we we call a bargain. Its super comfy and soft plus its got two bejewelled birds and I love anything that sparkles. Check out both H&M and Zara they have great denim jacket offerings at the moment that are not super crazy and will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Velvet is literally in every store right now from trousers, leggings, dresses and skirts (MRP is really working the trend at the moment).

These velvet pants are from Zara and I love love love them. They are comfy and a gorgeous cut that make me look slimmer I hope (ha ha). I love the fact that the trousers are a jean style but in velvet. H&M have a gorgeous velvet denim style jacket with some amazing designs so you need to get yourselves down to the shops ASAP.

The boots are also new that are also a real trend at the moment Aldo do a more expensive version and these are my Chelsea Superbalist affordable boots. They are so comfortable and only cost like R499 so definitely worth it and they go with everything.

Newt week I am chatting all about the faux fur jackets so watch this space.

Shahnaz x