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I came across this Entertainer app actually by chance and am really so happy about it. Another lifestyle blogger started following me on Instagram and from there I checked out the blog and then saw the post about the app. Its great because you just register with the city you are based in and voila loads of deals. The festive season is literally so expensive especially when you have to entertain your kids as well. The app covers restaurants, wine farms and even some kids activities so really something for everyone here.


The app basically works with restaurants or wine farms loading up their deals that are a 2 for 1. The deals are really appealing with buy a main course and get another one for the same value for free. Bargain!!!! There are loads of restaurants in and around Cape Town from budget to the more expensive. Some of my favourite wine farms and restaurants are featured. The Grand is one of the restaurants that I frequent a lot with my family so happy days its featured in the app. For the wine farms its either a deal in the resturants or a free wine tasting which if there is a group of you can be a great saving.

If you have kids there are a few deals featured so that you are not killing yourself to try find stuff to do with them over the holidays. The deals feature bugz family playpark, retanga junction and the kids shack so definitely want to check out. Again its a 2 for 1 when it comes to kids so take one and get your second kid and let them play till they drop from exhaustion.

Once you register there are new updates and new restaurants loaded each week. Check out the notications which is basically like a mini blog featuring ideas and other great offers happrning in your city.

Will definitely be trying the entertainer app out tomorrow when I hit the Grand. Its a great way to save thousands of rands especially if you like me and eat out loads.

Shahnaz x