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The brushes you need


Even though I have a ton of makeup brushes and a whole load for the eyes all you need are 3 to 4 brushes depending on how far you go with your eye makeup. Some of you may also have a whole load even if you aren’t a makeup artist you can never really have too many brushes? But for those of you just starting out and growing your brush collection here is it broken down.

A blending brush is one you can’t live without if you want even a subtle smokey eye as its the perfect brush to blend creams, liners and powders to create the shape you want. I have 3 of the Mac 217 Blending Brushes but one is all you need to start out with if you are more of a simple eye makeup girl.

You always need a flat brush this is perfect for applying powder or cream shadow to the lid whether you are just applying your base colour or just one shade. In this pic I have the Inglot 11S brush and I love this for applying a cream shadow.

Creating a smokey eye you need to apply shadow or liner to the bottom lash line and a small tapered brush is perfect for this and can give you the precision you need. Alternatively you may just want to create the smoke at the bottom lash line. I have quite a few brushes for this but the Bobbi Brown tapered brush really allows me to create a beautiful shadow under the eyes as well as adding highlighter into the inner corners of the eye.

Lastly my trusty angle brush for applying gel liner to either create a cat eye, a thin liner, a graphic eye and to fill in brows. its always a good idea to get a brush that has a multiple use that way you aren’t breaking the bank. I love my Mac 263 brush its never failed me and always creates amazing looks.

There are so many brands out there so you don’t have to choose what I have but jiust so you have an idea of what you need to start your kit.

Shahnaz x