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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Hand cream has never been one of those things I have been really bothered with until I got the Filorga Hand-Absolute (R400) that comes in this sleek black packaging that just makes me want to use it. Firstly its not your usual Filorga packaging its so much sleeker plus the product will make you want to use again and again. Plus I am 40 so I suppose I need to start thinking about keeping those wrinkles at bay right???

The hand cream promises to be the ultimate rejunvenating hand and nail cream which sounds pretty amazing. Whether you have dry hands, ridged nails, dark spots, uneven skin tone or ageing skin this bad boy promises to treat all these issues in 30 days. I don’t struggle with any of these issues so I can’t say whether it actually works but what I can say that my hands feel so smooth and soft after application.

The Fiolorga Hand-Absolute is infused with exclusive butters that leaves hands soft but not greasy, anti ageing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen to make hands look younger, sea Lily extract to help combat dark spots and restore uneven skintone and a keratin booster to stimulate and strenthen nails. So basically its the mother of all hand creams.

The cream has a very subtle smell that works for me as I am not a fan of perfumed moisturisers. What I can say is that my hands definitely have a glow after using and I can see that my skin looks slightly plumped so will keep using as my hands always seem to be the part of my body that doesn’t get the full love they should. Its definitely a goodie for this winter.

Shahnaz x