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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Its not often that I write about a fragrance because if you follow my blog you know that I am not a fan of them. I often find the fragrance way too strong for me but at a recent launch with the L’Oreal group I was pleasently surprised after smelling so many fragrances by the Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. Its one of those pretty summer fragrances that is pretty with some sweetness thrown in.


The perfume has been a massive hit overseas so much so that they are now launching the Flowerbomb Extreme which is a stronger sexier smell but my preference is the origional version that has been put in this gorgeous bottle. The Flowerbomb is not cheap by any means costing from R995 for a 30ml bottle and R1495 for a 50ml, but if you love perfume and love to collect them then this may be for you.

I am never great a describing a fragrance like some othes are I just know when I like a fragrance because its not that often. It has top notes of mandarin, middle notes of rosemary and base notes of amber. Its long lasting so you only need the tiniest spritz so will definitely last you a while so even though its a little pricey its long lasting.

Although its had mixed reviews I personally like it and when it comes to a fragrance everyone is different and what I like the next person could hate.

Shahnaz x