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forever C9 Detox

Now I am not going to lie doing a detox isn’t easy. Its my third time doing the Forever Living C9 Detox and I thought well I know the drill it will be easier. Its not!! I think detoxing during winter is probably what has been most difficult so I have had to dig deep but I know it really worth the results. Each time I do the detox I lose 2.5/3kg’s its a great way to kick start my body and get me back to eating healthy again.

The Forever Living C9 Detox retails at R1731 so its actually not bad at all for the great results you get. I went for the Vanilla shake option  but there is a chocolate one as well. Now in the pack you get the shake, aloe vera juice, supplements, fibre sticks, shake bottle and the booklet which explains everything in detail. The detox really focuses on aloe vera juice which is so amazing for you. I have written a post before about the benefits so click here to find out more.

The first two days of the detox is where the real cleansing happens with 4 shots of the juice a day, one shake, supplements etc 3 x a day and your clean foods. Of course lots of water as well but its really intense. You will definitely feel the lack of energy and maybe some headaches as the body is going though a serious detox. They advise exercise every day but these two days its best to keep it light with maybe a walk for 30 minutes.

The shakes really help keep you going because from day 3-9 its only one meal a day of 550-600 calories so it isn’t much. Again the booklet gives some great smoothie recipes so you have some taste and mentally it just makes it a little easier. Here I have kept it simple just using frozen blueberries and I use milk instead of water the choice is yours.

The booklet gives you receipes for the 7 days and Forever Living give the meal option as dinner. However, I can’t go on 2 shakes all day long plus the clean food snacks. For me lunch is so important and already with missing a meal at breakfast I opt to have the meal at lunch. If you are doing a detox I think it also needs to work for the individual. I tend to get hangry that’s why I made the swap. Being a mum and having to prep yummy food while you can’t have it is also really hard. Self control is key here.

So I am currently on day 7 of 9 which means the end is almost here. I have already lost 2.5kg’s since starting last week Tuesday. Some days are harder than others especially ther first two days. You need to stock up on what you need especially if you are at work. But you feel better, sleep better, feel lighter and more energised. Plus a flatter stomach!!!

If you are looking to start your journey on weight loss, or been away on holiday and have been over indulgent this is definitely for you. As I have gotten older its harder for me to lose weight so doing the detox every few months really helps give the kick my body needs.

Here is me in day 7 am so happy with the way my tummy looks and I have had 2 kids. It really works and really worth all that hard work. While you are doing the detox 9 days seems like forever but I promise you its a great way to start your journey.


Shahnaz x