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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Highlighting is really one of my most favourite steps in the whole makeup process. Its an application that can help you cheat the glow and make skin truly look amazing. Even if you are looking knackered you can pop some highlighter in with your foundation or on key areas on your face and voila you look alive again.

Now my highlighting stash is pretty big and is literally overflowing from its case but there are a few that are my fav and I use a lot on set. The only one I have missed out is the Estee Lauder Topaz highlighter for dark skin as it was limited edition so sadly you can’t get any more.

If your overall complexion is looking a little sad that mix in a liquid highlighter into your foundation and I promise you dewy skin will be the order of the day. A great budget one for this is the Revlon Skinlights is definitely one of my favourites and skin looks amazing. Alternatively you can use Mac Strobe cream if you wanting to spend a little more cash.

Another trick I learnt is to layer the highlighter on the skin the apply foundation and then apply more highlighter on top I always like a liquid to apply on the skin first and then a powder on top. I love the Nars Skin Illuminator in Copacabana it really lifts the skin and adds such a beautiful highlights so when the sun catches it your face shimmers.

When it comes to highlighting powders well Mac really have it down with the Mineralise Skinfinish and I truly am obsessed with Lightscapade for the fairer skin tones it looks truly phenomenal and its one I reach for most of the time. For darker skin girls the alternative my treasured Estee Lauder one is Gold Deposit it makes the dark skin models come alive its a deep bronze that added in the right places adds dimension.

The Bobbi Brown Bonze Glow is gorgeous I use this for the medium skin tones and would definitely use this for myself over the summer when I have a tan, I love the packaging and I love the finish to this highlighting powder. If you didn’t catch my post about this one last year then click here to see it.

Last up is the Kevin Aucoin Celestial Powder, I love this bad boy sadly you can’t get in SA but you can get from Space NK in the UK. Its a gorgeous highlighter for the fairer skin tones it and it glides on beautifully.

Remember skincare skincare skincare, this will help achieve the glow you are looking for with the help of a highlighter you can’t go wrong.

Shahnaz x