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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Festival season is almost upon us and its time to look at trends for SS16 and see how we can incorporate trends into our makeup look. A big trend coming our way is gold whether its on your lips, brows, under your eyes, nails or just gold luminous skin its a beutiful trend to embrace. Pat Macgrath has definitely led the way when it comes to the gold trend with eyes and lips looking oh so gorgeous.

A touch of glitter on your lids or on your face is the perfect way to get ready for festivals like rocking the daisies and the rest that comes around in Cape Town from spring to summer. To make sure gliitter stays on your face get hold of some face glue like Prozade and then apply the glitter with fingers or a brush. Or you can invest in some gel glitter and apply all over your lids.

A golden eye is a perfect way to rock the gold trend whether its just on your lids or winged out like Pat Mcgrath created for fashion week. Its a pretty look and can be worn for any event day or night. If you feeling a bit bold then take stips of gold paper and apply on your bottom lash line to really give your look anther dimension.

Gold lips is definitely one of my favourites for this trend you can take gold pigment or glitter and apply onto your lips but the easiest way is to get metallic mixing powder in gold and mix with the missing liquid and voila amazing gold metallic lips. (powder and miximng solution available at Masque in Cape Town).

Shahnaz x