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kudu face oils

Introducing Kudu Cosmetica a gorgeous organic brand from SA whose motto is “less is more”. Kudu’s products are clean, pure and free from any harmful chemicals. All their products are natural and kind to your skin with sensitive skin being in the forefront. I got to test out a couple of the gorgeous Kudu face oils and I ABSOLUTELY love them. First impressions a massive thumbs up from me.

The brand is all about healthy, happy skin using botanical extracts that contain naturally high levels of antioxidants and vital nutrients, essential for skin-cell function and regeneration. There are a few products to choose from I got to test the face oils but there are also serums and face masks too.

In this post I am using the Kudu Marula Regenerating Face Oil which I have been applying every morning. For those of you who get confused in what order to apply your skincare products the oil goes last. The oil is packed with nutrients and fatty acids that help make skin look and feel healthier. The oil helps repair and rebuild the skins protective barrier, helps reduce redness and boost collagen production.

So after all my skincare routine I apply 2/3 drops and pat or massage into my skin. I love that the oil is light weight and really melts into the skin. I like to wait 20 mins before I apply my foundation and that my skin doesn’t feel oily at all.The end result is a soft glowing complexion.

Key Benefits of the oil:


  • helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • soothes redness and calms inflamed skin
  • anti-microbial properties, which may reduce the signs of acne, blemishes and scarring
  • great source of vitamin C to brighten skin, boost collagen production and reduce the signs of hyperpigmentation
  • rich in skin-loving antioxidants (60% more antioxidants than Argan oil)
  • great source of vitamin E Tocopherols to protect skin and speed wound healing
  • helps restore the balance of the skin, locking in moisture

I have been mostly testing the Marula Oil and have slowly introduced the Kudu Squalene into my evening routine. So keep watching my instagram stories to find out more about the Squalene.

Definitey a brand worth checking out. Click here for their site.

Shahnaz x