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Nuxe Organic Bio Skincare Range

If you follow me you know that I am obsessed with skincare and French skincare as well. Nuxe is a brand that I fell in love with a while ago with some amazing cult skincare products. They are a brand that are leaders in anti- ageing skincare in France. The latest Nuxe Organic Bio Skincare Range is absolutely stunning and totally new to the brand. I was blown away by the gorgeous quality and how my skin feels after using. I got to test out 3 out of the 9 products from the range so really grateful and thank you as always to the brand for spoiling me.


Nuxe enters a new beauty era with the organic range that celebrates the power of nature. The products are certified organic skincare products with natural origin active ingredients and natural scented textures. The ingredients offer powerful results and also focused on green technology and environmentally friendly practices. Its a clean beauty range and amazing for sensitive skin. I love that the range does not have artificial scents as there is nothing worse than a strong perfumed scent.


What does Bio Organic Mean?

Essentially it means the ingredients are organically farmed and the soil they grow in is well cared for. It is a certification, so you can trust the origins of this claim. The benefits of organic farming ensure that the ingredients are grown without pesticides or chemical intervention. Purer ingredients and better for the environment too.

The Nuxe Bio Organic Moringa Seeds Micellar Water (R345 ) has now become my go to at night. After I wash my face I apply with cotton pads to make sure my skin is totally free of makeup. Its super gentle on the skin, feels so hydrating and smells lovely. The Moringa Seed extract helps to remove particles of pollution for fresh and radiant skin. It does an amazing job of helping to breakdown impurities, sebum and pollution particles on the skin while also gently removing makeup from the face and eyes.

You can actually use as a stand alone cleanser if you don’t have much on your face. I like to double up if I have been out at night and have extra makeup to take off.

I am all about exfoliating to get gorgeous smooth radiant skin. I absolutely love the Nuxe Organic Bio Fruit Stone Powder Micro-Exfoliating Cleansing Mask (R495). It smells heavenly and its definitely a pamper for the skin. The mask is super gentle plus it’s got a double exfoliating action. The Apricot Kernel powder has been used so as to remove the dead skin and 100% botanical Salicylic Acid helpsexfoliates the skin.

You apply it to damp skin, leave for 3 minutes for the acid to work its magic, then gently massage for the apricot kernel powder to remove the left over dead skin. I have been using for a couple of months and my skin absolutely loves me for it.

Last up and my absolute favourite is the Nuxe Bio Rice Oil Extract Ultimate Night Recovery Oil (R795 ). This oil is a real treat for the skin due to the rice oil extract in the formula. It strengthens and repairs but also leaves skin plumped and radiant by the morning. I love that it comes with a pipette so no wastage. Plus a little goes a long way. Its the last step of my night skincare routine and my favourite. My skin has never felt softer.

This amazing oil has jojoba, sesame, macadamia and avocado oil too. I use about 4 drops after cleansing and applying my pigmentation serum. You can use more but I find this to be the right amount to get it to absorb fully. This is a rich oil, so again would be best suited for dry/normal skin types. I am combination so Iove to use in the areas where my skin can get dehydrated. The result is glowing skin and you all know how much I love that.

I literally cannot wait to try some more goodies from the range. I have my eye on the Buckwheat Eye Cream, Essential Antioxidant Serum and the Detox Mask. Check out Absolute Skin they have discounts on all the products so you can get more for your money. Also available at Woolworths  definitely worth the investment.

Shahnaz x