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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I have totally become dedicated in 2016 to working out and staying fit and I think its because I am turning 40 in April and its freaking me out a bit. Its basically been all about getting new workout clothes so that I feel good about how I look when I am off to the gym as we need to look good while working out right? Especially when the classes are full of models that I work with that are literally half the size of me.

So here are some gym kit essentials:

Its amazing how much choice there is now for sports wear its not only Nike and Addidas but loads of the inexpensive brands have plenty to offer without breaking the bank. So no more excuses about not going to the gym and getting fit we can all get ourselves something fab to wear and drag ourselves to the gym.

My fav places to shop other than Nike has been Forever 21 and H&M which have great selections of tops, sports bras and gym pants that literally start from around R249 and great colours to choose from. A good sports bra is definitely an essential for the gym especially if that sports top is coming off a bright colour usually looks great. I am totally loving my new Nike Tri Fit gym pants they fit amazingly and are great to work out in. But if Nike is too expensive get yourself to H&M or MRP Sport to make sure you are on trend when at the gym.

My iphone and headphones are the absolute essential’s when I am working out by myself or going for a run make sure you have great play lists created to get you motivated as there is nothing better than pumping tunes to get you going. If you haven’t gotten round to downloading a play list then get yourself onto youtube and find yourself some tunes you love. Gone are the days of the small head phones I am all about the comfort and wireless headphones are where its at. I love my JBL headphones that my hubbie bought me for xmas they look great and work like a treat.

Make sure you plan your workout if you doing it be yourself workouts like the Kayla Bikini Beach Body Workout are amazing and give great results or get yourself onto site’s like Women’s Health that will point you in the right direction.

Shahnaz x