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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

We all love at bit of Bioderma its just one of those brands that just get it right without breaking the bank. The one thing I can say I really struggle with these days is dehydrated skin especially when I am stressed out so happy days when I attended the recent Bioderma launch with a new hydrating range for dehydrated skin. Launching at the end of this month in SA Bioderma bring us the Hydrabio range that can be used to help your skin get the moisture back. The launch couldn’t have come at a better time as my skin has been taking a battering with all the stress of moving house, not getting enough sleep and too many late nights celebrating my 40th. Dehydration is one of those things that isn’t permanent so this range is perfect to help combat and get skin back to where it needs to be.

So what did I think of the Bioderma Hydrabio range?

My favourite item from the range I got to test out is the Hydrabio Masque Moisturising Mask (R249.95) it literally does what it says and the great thing is you can do a quick mask in the morning to add that extra boost and glow or sleep with it on so by the time you wake up in the morning your complexion is soft an plumped up. The range is all about mimicing the skin’s structure so it penetrates deeper into the skin making skin more supple and stopping water from evaporating. One of the key ingredients gylcerin helps create better water circulation.

If you are a fan of the Bioderma Sensibo you will love the Hydrabio H20 moisturising makeup remover micelle solution that now comes in 2 sizes the 250ml (R199.95) and 500ml (R299.95). Its perfect for removing all your makeup while keeping skin hydrated at the same time. Even though I love the Sensibo this one is much more up my street helping keep my skin moisturised as well as removing all makup including stubborn mascara.

The Hydrabio Perfecteur (319.95) is the range’s hero product because it stimulates the skin with the Vitamin PP creating a better skin barrier and the apple seed extract helps the water circulation in the skin. As well as all the above it creates a radiance and a blur effect as well as protecting your skin against harmful rays. Its one of those products you can apply during the day and just pat over your makeup to give a little boost or apply before you moisturise.

I got my hands on the Hydrabio Creme Rich Moisturising Care jar (R319.95) that is a thick moisturiser but doesn’t leave skin greasy or shiney like some rich moisturisers can. This is one that is great for winter time and great to use at night for older complexions. After applying all 4 products my skin feels truly amazing even after 2 weeks of using. My base applies so much better and my skin has a natural glow that wasn’t there a couple of weeks ago so happy days.

There is also a serum and gel creme that is part of the Hydrabio range the serum is for all skin types and the gel creme is a night cream for mild to moderate dehydrated skin. The great thing about the range is no matter what type of your skin you have even if its oily if you have dehydrated skin this range is for you. You can use to restore the skin back and come back to it if the dehydration occurs again.

I am a definite fan and would invest again and again.

Shahnaz x