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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Since I hit my late thirties (almost 40) I have been obsessed with oils for my complexion firstly to put some hydration back into my skin and plump it up by the time I wake in the morning but also some life to my tired looking skin. Being a makeup artist, blogger and mum takes its toll on my skin and a lot of the time I need a lot of love. So when I first caught wind of the Kiehl’s daily reviving concentrate¬†at a launch a while back I have been paitently waiting to get my hands on one.

I have been using the concetrate for over a week and I love it already my skin feels amazing after I have applied and has that glow all day long. Its lightweight so skin doesn’t feel greasy when you apply, I normally add 3/4 drops and apply on clean cleansed skin. The Kiehls daily reviving concentrate is all about strenthening skin to help it stay looking youthful and radiant all day long. So I say yes please to that.

I am really loving all things natural at the moment my skin seems to be the happiest its been in a while, the Kiehl’s facial oil not only provides antixoidant protection but is infused with ginger root, sunflower and tamanu that help with that fresh feeling in the morning, hydration and locking in that moisture. I struggle with certain products and can easily get breakouts even with oils that are too rich for my skin but not with this bad boy. All I can say is my skin feels smooth and soft and very happy.

Like the Skoon facial oil I used you can also mix this one in with your moisturiser and will definitely be a product that I will use on set for models with dehydrated and tired skin. If you love Kiehl’s as much as I do you can already find the Kiehl’s daily reviving concentrate in stores and even though its not cheap at R700 is a product that you will be wanting to be part of your long term beauty regime.

Shahnaz x