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liquid liner beauty hack

For those of you who suck at applying liner this post will show you the liquid liner beauty hack. Its super easy all you need is a liner, some tape and a makeup mirror so you can see exactly what you are doing. I purchsed the NYX Epic Ink Liner to test out the hack and it worked a treat. Now when it comes to doing liner on models I have no problem doing it free hand. When it comes to myself and with my sinking eyes (happens in your 40’s) I do the worst job of it.

The NYX Epic Ink Liner retails at R210 so pretty good price and really great quality. The liner is super precise and doesn’t smudge on application. Its super black and really loooks so pretty on. A liner is definitely one of my fav looks on myself its classic and modern at the same time.

OK so tear off tape and apply on the outer corners of your eyes with the tape lining up with the end of your brow. This will get you the right shape and also lift the eyes. I used medical tape here as its easy on the skin.

Once the tape is in on apply the liner along the tape so you get your precise line. Then fill in the rest creating your triangle shape and talking it all the way to your inner part of the eye. Its literally that easy and I managed it in the first go.

Super pretty and a simple makeup look that really is so effective. Make sure you add a primer on your eyes so that the liner can last the day.

Hoppe you enjoyed my beauty hack tip.

Shahnaz x