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My makeup primers seem to be steadily growing in my personal and pro makeup kit. There are a load more out there but I have gathered a selection to share with you because I love them and they really work:

Sunday Riley Breathable Tinted Primer: After seeing all the reviews in the UK I ordered mine from Cult Beauty and yes there was a waiting list so I patiently waited till I got mine. Its very sheer and so light weight on the skin and has a slight tint so if you looking for the tinest of coverage then you may just want to use this but its too little for me so I apply before my makeup. This beauty leaves your skin feeling plumped, very smooth and allows for precise makeup application so that your foundation will stay on for hours. Leaves skin looking really radiant.

Benefit Flawless 15 Hour Primer: I love this primer as it really does allow for long wearing foundation and keeps your face looking fresh throughout the day. Its an invisible stick primer that is applied straight to the skin to create a very natural finish. I love the fact that there is no spillage and that its in a stick cream formula which applies on dewy but dries to a matt finish taking away any oil looking skin.

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer: I am a big fan of the Smashbox primers as they literally have for all skin types and are oil free so for your ladies that really struggle with oily skin there is one in the selection for you. I use this oil free hydrating primer a lot on shoots for girls with dry skin because it gives the skin a fresh moisture boost whithout the skin looking shiney and is a great canvas for applying foundation.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Good Morning Retexturising Primer: This one is a new edition to my growing primer collection. Its all about giving your skin a boost in the morning as its ingredients include a blend of botanical boosters and Vitamin A leaving skin feeling realy fresh and very smooth. Its a lightweight formula and is a applied before moisturiser to then help foundation application giving a beautiful flawless finish. The key ingredients are Retinyl Linoleate which gently retexturises skin and helps improve skin tone, Grape Seed Extract which is a powerful antioxidant to help brighten skin and Avocado and Birch Seed Extract which enhances radiance and blurring the apperance of fine lines.

Stila One Step Correct: This primer is all about correcting skin tone with its trio of colours that help create the illusion of a flawless skin tone. Its a complexion perfector and each colour helps deal with different things, the green is to help neutralise redness and help calm bad skin, the lavender is for sallowness, and the peach is for brightening and awakening the complexion. This primer really helps with the brightness of the skin so when it comes to apply foundation your skin has a real booster which shines through. The lightweight formula is very easy to apply and rejuvenates tired skin (need this) and allows for easy makeup application keeping it looking fresh all day.

This Works In transit Camera Closeup: I am loving this bad boy as its an all in one mask,  primer and moisturiser. Its so lightweight and sinks into the skin so easily creating a perfect base before applying makeup. As well as keeping makeup on it’s also a skin pick me up boosting and plumping the skin. A great primer is all about giving a fresh look to the skin that shines through the foundation making it seem that your skin is healthy looking as that’s really what we look for right? This little wonder is all about helping erase the signs of tiredness, boosting hydration and prepping skin for a perfect finish. Have used this on a shoot and it really does work wonders. LOVE

Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer : If you follow my blog you will know that I have written about this little bad boy and I definitely wanted to include in my list of primers. Its very lightweight and even though its a peach shade once massaged into the skin all you have is fresh looking skin which allows your foundation to glide onto your skin. Its one of those great budget makeup primers that will give you luminous skin keeping it looking fresh and healthy.

So here is my guide to makeup primers itsd not all of them but they are some of my favourites. When you are looking for a primer you want it to have skincare qualities so not only is it making your makeup last longer but its also great for your skin.

Shahnaz x