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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

If you didn’t catch the makeup looks from the Met Ball last week then here is the biggest trend of all the Red trend. Whether it be a bold red lip, a splash of red on the face or a touch of red on the eye its definitely a big trend among the stars.

Depending on skin tone the red lip was definitely the star of the show from the orange/red, deep red, glossy red to the berry red. Which ever the shade I love them all and they make the complexions look amazing.

A new trend is the splash of red on the face seen on J Lo which I am loving. The shade is taken from the eyes on to the cheek bones and up into the temple and its definitely an alternative way to work the trend.

Or like Rachel Weiss she has the deep red on the lids and then the bold orange/red lip which looks amazing with her fair complexion and dark hair.

What’s your favourite look?