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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Introducing the gorgeous Maybelline Master V Contour Stick (R169.95) its a 2-in-1 highlight and contour that you can pop in your bag and reapply on the go. If you are all about the highlighting and contouring made easy then you will absolutely love this product.

So the stick is in a V shape like the packaging says with the lighter shade for highlighting and darker shade for contouring. I got mine in dark and there are 3 shades so sadly nothing for the darker skin tones. To apply take the highlighter and apply straight onto the top of your cheek bone, on the bridge of your nose and if you want under your brow bone and then either blend with fingers or a brush.


For the contouring apply under your cheek bone, on top of your foreahead and then blend in with a brush. In the pic below I just applied the product under my cheek bone and then blended and you can see a really beautiful contour that gives structure to my face and the highlight is really subtle but adds a beautiful illumination that looks like I have really healthy looking skin.


The great thing about the Maybelline Master V Contour Stick is that you can layer so apply before you add your base and then over your foundation as well. Its also a goodie if you have a tan and you just want work this product while you on the beach and not wear any makeup but still want to look gorgeous.

Shahnaz x