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Gone are the days off fumbling for a pencil sharpener when you realise your eyeliner is blunt or after you have applied its slowly fading away. These days more and more makeup brands are making eyeliners that have built in sharpeners (happy dance) and are long wearing and I mean they seriously don’t budge all day long.

I was first introduced to the Samshbox Always Sharp Waterproof Eyeliners last year at their launch. I love the fact that you twist the cap and then hey presto its sharp really its magic. This makes my life as a makeup artist so much easier plus there is no mess. The liner glides on so easily and really lasts all day and they are perfect on their own to create a smokey eye and I don’t lie when I see at the end of the day you still have a smokey eye. There are 2 editions to the liner the matt version and the 3D version of which has a slight shimmer and gives the smokey eye more of a pop.

Modern liner 1

My latest purchase after attending the Bobbi Brown launch last week is the Perfectly Defined Gel Eyeliner, which is basically their gel liner in a pen version. So no more angle brush and pot you just take the liner and apply onto the lash line and within a minute when dries it won’t budge. Plus the big bonus is you take the bottom part of the pen off and there is a sharpener so no more trying to find the eyeliner sharpener you have it in built. Its super matt and long lasting which is basically what we need, who wants to be applying eyeliner every 5 mins I know I don’t.

Modern Liner 2

Makeup is all about making our lives easier these days and for those of us who struggled in the past its now so easy to create the perfect line or the perfect smokey eye using just one product.

Have you tried any of these liners yet?

Shahnaz x