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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I have been a Dove girl since as long as I can remember so when Ruby Box asked me to review the new Dove deodorant I jumped at the chance. Now deodorant isn’t one of those things people chat about and its certainly not a topic I have covered on my blog before. Howevere Dove has been my best friend when it comes to keep me fresh all day long. For me its a really important part of taking care of yourself and Dove hands down has never let me down. Personally I didn’t think it could get any better but it has. Firstly I still smell as fresh as the daisies when I wake up and there is not a single stain on my clothes.

I have worked out, been dancing and just worked long days and the new Dove deodorant has still been my best mate. I wanted to give myself a good 2 weeks testing the Origional just so I could see how well it works. Dove claims to keep you fresh for up to 48 hours sadly I haven’t been able to test that out as I am one of those girls that needs to spray every morning after I shower. What I can say about the new and old Dove is that its the most comfortable deodorant that I have worn. Its definitely due to the quarter moistiurising cream that keeps the under arm area so soft and super smooth.

The new formula promises to leave skin softer and smoother with a longer coverage. With so many women waxing and shaving on one of the most sensitive areas of our bodies its so imporant we use the right product to protect us. What I love about Dove is that its got those skincare qualities in all its products. I also love that it doesn’t leave any marks on my clothes and I just smell good all day long.

So my verdict?

I love the new formula and I love how soft my skin feels. I know I can do what ever and I will still be protected. I will carry on using Dove as its a brand that just gets better and better.

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Shahnaz x