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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

The Body Shop are launching a whole load of new products from makeup to skincare and I have to say I am loving their new face masks that landed on my desk. I got my hands on these two the British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask and the Ethopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask. I gave both a go to see whaich was my favourite and wanted to share with my readers how great they both are. But I am swaying towards the Body Shop Ethopian Honey right now.


I tried the British Rose plumping mask first and as you can see its got a different texture to the other one both are a gel but this one has petals in the mask that gently exfoliate your complexion. For all of you who love natural products this mask is 100% vegan and promises to nourish and hydrate. If your skin is feeling like it needs a little love and its a bit dehydrated then this one may be for you. The gel makes it really refreshing and soothing on the skin and after washing off my complexion did feel smooth but I like a little more hydration for my skin. Definitely gives a subtle glow and won’t break the bank as it retails at R300.

The Ethopian Honey deep nourishing mask really made my skin feel so soft and smooth after use. Its a honey textured moistirising mask that feels so soothing on application. The mask works by retaining the moisture in the skin which I really need as I do suffer from dehydrated skin. Even after one use I really felt my skin felt so much better so definitely this one wins for me. Skin is glowing after use and combined with the rest of my beauty routine when it comes to makeup application my skin looks great.

They are both available in store and definitely worth taking a look at. Also great as a gift idea as we know the holidays are not that far away.

Shahnaz x