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Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow

Another absolute cracker from the Chanel Les Beiges collection. I love their foundations they are my go to when it comes to glowing healthy complexion. The latest Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation Hydration and Longwear (R1045) is another winner. Its a new formula that makes skin look more like skin but also has the longevity. Its got twice as many shades available too so YAY for that.

The new Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation really infuses the skin. Its a fine, silky texture that glides over skin making skin look like skin. Its combination of light reflecting powders and pigments that makes the skin’s texture appear smoother. Its great for evening out your skin tone taking away and redness or imperfections.Plus making the skin look really healthy.

The new formula is really hydrating especially when layered with a good skincare routine. I also love to add in the Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Fluid Highlighter in Sun Kissed mixed in as well. This gives me extra radiance to my overall complexion. The foundation has the skincare benefits as well as a velvety finish. I love that it doesn’t have an SPF as this really fools people into thinking once they have their foundation on they don’t have to apply a sunblock. Its a myth people we do and we need to do it every 2 hours. I use an invisible mist so as not to mess with the makeup.

I used a flat foundation brush to apply, but you can use a kabuki style brush, a sponge or even your fingers. It really depends on the coverage you are looking for. The shade I am using is B40 even though my face is much paler than my body. Sadly I am no longer allowed to put my face in the sun due to my pigmentation. I warm up my face so it matches my body. I do think I will invest in the shade B30 and then mix together to get the colour exactly right. Definitely need some shades for my makeup kit as well.

The foundation will definitely be great for most skin types because it has that slight velvet finish. A modern finish that looks so beautiful on. If you have an oily skin type this is definitely for you. I made the mistake of putting on too rich skincare before applying. Be careful as it will make the foundation move too much. Keep it to a good serum and moisturiser and not too much layering. I am not a fan of finishing powders so this is really key if you want the foundation to last.

Available at Woolworths retailing at R1045. Yes its pricey but its Chanel. Definitely worth checking out. I still love my Chanel Ultra Le Teint Ultra Wear All Day Comfort Flawless Finish Foundation this will always be my year round go to. However, I think you guys will love this one too.

Shahnaz x