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Environ Focus Care Radiance + Range

If you have een following me since last year you will know I have been on the Environ journey. Even though I was initially invited to come do a skin analysis, try a facial and get some free goodies I have kept going back. I really believe in investing in my skin. So when I was asked so I want to test the new Environ Focus Care Radiance + range for pigmentation and radiance I was like YES PLEASE. The corner stone of the brand is Vitamin A with a whole load of add ons and step ups which I love. This range I can add in with what I am currently using from Environ, plus a few other products too. I take my skin seriously expecially as I am now in my 40’s. The key for me is to have radiant glowing hydrated skin and reduce my pigmentation.

Having babies gave me a whole load of pigmemtation on my cheeks and forehead. Its one of those things that is really difficult to treat and can be caused not only by pregnancy but also birth control, acne, inflammation, or even prescription drugs, hyperpigmentation results when there’s an increase of melanin in the skin.

So What’s the Environ Focus Care Radiance Range all about?

The range bascially focuses on evening out the skin tone giving a more radiant complexion. Plus targets the root causes of skin discolouration, sun damaged skin and a dull complexion. All sounds amazing right?

The Radiance + range uses a ground breaking method that targets and normalises the increased production of melanin called the Mela-Smart System. This is essentially four products that actively combat six causes of pigmentation with inhibitors for each one.

The pigmentation inhibitors used in the range are:

Reduction of UV Exposure, inhibition of tyrosinase, competitive block of tyrosine activation, inhibitors of tyrosine conversion, reduction of melanin transfer into the keratinocytes which leads to the reduction in  pigmentation.

Step 1: Radiance and Mela Prep Lotion (RRP360 60ml)

This feels just like a toner its a liquid that gets applied after cleansing and toning the skin. I apply with my fingers over the specific areas on my face like my cheeks and forehead. The lotion contains an expertly formulated combination of highly specialised ingredients such as SepiWhite (a whitening agent that contains amino acids and lipid residue to controil the tyrosinase activity) for a brighter, more even-toned complexion. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) that helps fade pigmentation and is also great for reducing fine lines. Plus Alpha arbutin which helps inhibit the formation of pigmentation.

Step 2: Mela – Fade Serum System A + B (RRP990 for 2 x 30ML serums)

This step contains 2 serums which you apply at the same time over the specific areas needed. One is clear and one is orange. I use one pump from each serum which is enough and massage in.

Serum A is the clear gel contains the Herb Robert known for its anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The herb helps assist with targeting the pigmentation. The ingredient Cynara Scolymus helps normalise the skin as well as keep it hydrated  and looking healthy and radiant. The lactic acid in the serum is and exfoliating acid that improves the skin’s texture, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Serum B which is the orange serum contains Pro-Vitamin B5 that makes the skin smooth and hydrated giving me the glow I love. Alpinia katsumadai seed extract is the antioxidant, Prune Extract to condition the skin and Honeybush to calm the skin.

Step 3: Mela Even Cream (RRP450 25ml)

This is a Vitamin C cream the skin brightening antioxidant that feels great on the skin and really adds that extra glow. I have just run out of this one as its pretty small and would definitely reinvest in a new one. It can be used as a moisturiser and be the last step in your routine. I like to face mist my skin after and then apply my SPF and my brightening primer before I apply makeup. As well as Vitamin C its also contains Vitamin E.

Whether it has helped with pigmentation on its own I can’t say as I also use the C – Quence serum and creme as well as their other focus care products. I have had some non invasive peels with Environ and have 2 vitamin A facials a month. Plus I use other products in my routine as well to help brighten and reduce pigmentation. I definitely think its helped lighten on my cheeks but my pigmentation is till there. Having 2 kids and being on the pill changed my skin so dramatically. I defintely want to try the dermapen next to help in my combat against pigmentation. I can say that my skin is in a lot better condition in terms of radiance and hydration since using the range in May.

If you don’t know about the brand its definitely worth checking out I have definitely seen a great improvement since last October. If you are based in Cape Town or Joburg Environ have their skin institutes where you can have your skin analysis out and try out a facial. Also over the month of winter they have deals for skin peels (includes complimentary light treatments and a goodie bag) which has left my skin glowing.

Shahnaz x