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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I am an absolute lover of makeup brushes not only because I am a makeup artist but because I love the way they look and feel on the skin. There are so many ways to use a brush allowing you to be really creative and also to be cost effective. For me a brush has to look good and the bristles have to be soft because when I am doing makeup I want my model’s to relax and feel good. I was excited when these new Gosh makeup brushes  landed on my desk last week and what better way to test them but on set for a shoot.

Firstly I love that they are all black they look sleek and the bristles feel really soft to the touch. Each handle is made of birchwood and the bristles are 100% synthetic. Starting with the Gosh Foundation brush 011 (R240) its not like my other foundation brushes I use but I actually quite like it. I tested it out with my liquid foundation and got the best result by patting in the product. The bristles are soft but don’t bend as much as I would like to but still my foundation looked flawless without any streaks. The shape is shorter and more rounder than you traditional foundation brush but it still does the trick.

The Gosh Powder brush 003 (R240) is super soft and definitely one of my favourites I used this on set to set powder over the foundation and not only did the model compliment how soft it was it also applied the product beautifully. The bush could also be used to apply blush as well as bronzer onto the face but make sure to dust the excess off first.

The Gosh Blush brush 009 (R170) is smaller than the powder brush with soft bristles and is perfect to apply product onto the apples of your cheeks as well as contouring along your cheek bones, along your forehead and jawline if you apply at an angle. That’s the great thing about makeup brushes they never have just one use.

The Gosh Kabuki brush 001 (R240) is perfect to apply loose loose powder either straight onto your skin or to set your foundation. Its also a goodie to apply blusher or bronzer all of your face to give you that sunkissed look. Its a compact brush to it can really work the product it and also feels so soft on application. Defintely a favourite from the collection.

All the brushes are worthy of going into my kit and are great if you can’t afford your usual mac brushes they are great quality and really work a treat.

Shahnaz x