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max factor matte lipsticks

Don’t you hate wearing a matte lipstick and you feel like your lips are so dry that your skin feels like its going to flake off? Sounds awful right? Well the Max Factor Velvet Matte Lipsticks are seriously one of the most hydrating matte lipsticks I have yet to try. Super comfortable to wear and look oh so pretty on. With great on trend shades that really feel amazing on your lips.

Now normally to make sure a matte lipstick doesn’t feel like I have to scrub mine or the model’s lips I apply a balm before applying the lipstick. However with the Max Factor velvet matte lipsticks you don’t have to. You can just apply straight on without prepping exactly how I am doing here. The colour pay off is great and as you can see the red Love shade is so gorgeous on.

“This collection of matte lipsticks is super moisturizing and hydrating, so your lips stay hydrated while you wear it throughout the day – but it’s still a matte look. I’m obsessed with the Velvet Mattes Lipstick Collection Blush shade – it’s the perfect high intensity pink.”

Stella Maxwell, Max Factor Global Ambassador

My only disappointment is that once you have a drink the lipstick does come away at the edges and needs to be applied again. With some other matte lippies you can drink and eat and even kiss and it stays on but not as comfortable. Where as with the Max Factor lipsticks your lips feel amazing but you  will have to do touch ups.

Retailing at R155.95 there are 7 shades in the collection reds, pinks and nudes. I got to test out 3 and Love is definitely my favourite because I do love a red on. Its just a shade that brightens up my complexion and makes me look alive and awake.

Flame which is the more coral shade is super gorgeous on. Its not as bold as love but its great for adding that pop of colour especially when we are in need of brightening our complexions in the winter months.

The Nude shade is a pink nude which actually works for me which is great. Some nudes totally wash me out and make me look ill. This one is really pretty and perfect for day or paired with a smokey eye.

All 7 shades are available at Clicks stores now so def worth checking out.

Shahnaz x