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If you love watching celebrity makeup artists like me then you will be hapy to know that the legend that is Rae Morris has launched a new makeup masterclass app for Ipad. Rae is known for her amazing makeup books that share so many looks and go step by step on how to create looks. When I started out she was definitely an inspiration for me when I started out as a makeup artist. This new app saves all the hassle and cost of a massive makeup book and goes through all the key things you need to know whether you want to be a makeup artist or you just want to get it right for yourself.

rae morris masterclass

Its definitely a great guide for makeup artists starting out and makeup artists that want to learn more about prepping skin or understanding eye shapes and even how to contour the right way which so many people struggle with. Rae goes into great detail about eye colour charts, eye shapes, lips, how to make yourself look younger, applying lashes the right way you name it she covers it.

rae morris masterclass 2

The most exciting part of the masterclass app is the tutorials which of course in a book you just can’t get that real life application. The tutorials cover all the key applications of makeup like contouring, applying concealer, making eyes look bigger, filling brows and more.


For those of you who haven’t heard of Rae Morris she is an amazing Austrailian makeup artist that not only works worldwide creating the most amazing makeup looks but she also has an amazing range of brushes too. The app obviosuly has different prices in different countries depending where you are based. I paid £9.99 for mine but in SA you can get your hands on it for R249.99 which is a pretty good deal even if you just want to learn how to get the basics right.