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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

A recently did a shoot for Spree an online store covering some of the beauty trends. This look is the new smokey eye which has a bit of a Burberry vibe going on:

BurberrysmokeyThe look is basically taking a chocolate liner and a palette that has all the browns going on. For the look I created for Spree I used my Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess palette and the Mac Teddy pencil to create the beautiful smokey eye. The key is to take the powder up to the brow bone to make it more modern.

modern smokey

Prep your lid first with either a primer or foundation, take the pencil along the lash line and then take a blending brush and blend out. Then take the lighter brown shade and apply with a blending brush up to the brow and wing out. For more intensity take the darker shade along the lash line and into the crease don’t go any higher as you do not want the area by the brow to be too heavy. Go back over the lash line with the pencil to get a little more intensity at the lash line. In the shoot I did the (pic at the top) I applied the pencil in the waterline as well as I wanted it to be a little more intense.

And there you have it the new smokey eye its not too difficult to create just some practive and the right brushes. For more inspiration check out the images from on the new smokey eye here.

Have you tried the new smokey eye yet?