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nimue micro needling

Yesterday I finally took the plunge and went for my first Nimue Micro Needling Treatment at Body Works in Claremont. Not gonna lie I did try put it off as who wants a roller of needles dragged across their face? But my therapist Chantal promised me it would be quick and the skincare benefits were well worth the pain. The honest truth it was painful when we started especially on my forhead. I almost jumped off the bed and my breathing was pretty erratic not a pretty sight. However it did get easier as we got to my chubby cheeks!!!

So lets first start with why micro needling?

According to Chantal the needles help separate the skin cells and allow for collagen production. As you all know as you get older the collagen production reduces meaning wrinkles and saggy skin. Not great getting old right? The treatment is done in sections on the face and each time the roller goes over the area the therapist then applies the relevant skincare. Chantal broke mine into 2 anti- ageing and pigmentation as these are my skin concerns. So while the skin cells are seperated the product applied gets right into the dermis.

The long term results promised include improved texture and firmness, as well as a reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks. I asked Chantal how long does it take to see results and she told me after the first go. What I can say that after my redness went down and I applied my makeup for date night my skin was glowing.

So the Nimue roller retails at R700 and last for 6 sessions which is basically 6 months worth of micro needling treatments.

As you an see its got small needles all the way around that gets rolled all over. Now before the treatment gets going a numbing cream is applied all over. It does make you feel a bit weird but trust me you need it. However it does NOT stop the pain. The forehead and chin area are the worst parts because they are the boney areas so prepare yourself.

Me before the micro needling began and you can see I look calm and really have no clue what’s coming my way. Chantal also had the 2 different skin treatments ready so she could apply after each section was done.

At this point my forehead was on fire and I may look calm but I wasn’t really. But it was over pretty quick and bless Chantal I said the F word quite a few times. As well as the face the decollatage and neck gets worked on. Its ticklish on the neck so I had to have my head held down.

Straight after the needling was completed I had the anti-aging collagen mask to help boost my skin. My  face was really warm after the treatment but the mask really helped relax me and cool my face down.

This is how I looked after the mask:

I looked like I had been working out for an hour but actually the redness was gone after about an hour. The finished result was my skin actually looked really great.

So for the total treatment is R700 that last for 6 months and each facial costs around R750. If you go for the anti-ageing mask then its extra but Chantal kindly gave it for free for my first go. I think she felt a bit bad that I was in pain.

You can do a 6 month course or do it every month its totally up to you. I am going to give it 6 months and if my skin keeps improving I suppose I am going to have to deal with my monthly painful visit.

Happy Friday.

Shahnaz x